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Alcohol-related deaths among Native Americans ages 15-24 are 17 times higher than the national averages. The suicide rate for Native American youth is three times the national average. Prevention that is traditionally and culturally sensitive can help save lives.

Honor Your Life – A Public Service Announcement from American Indian Health –

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Understanding suicide attempts among American Indian adolescents in New Mexico: modifiable factors related to risk and resiliency.

Chino M, Fullerton-Gleason L. Ethn Dis 2006; 16(2): 435-42.

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Affiliation: University of Nevada Las Vegas, School of Public Health, Center for Health Disparities Research, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 453060, Las Vegas, NV 89154-306, USA.

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(Copyright © 2006, International Society on Hypertension in Blacks)

OBJECTIVE: To examine correlates of suicide attempts among American Indian adolescents living on reservations in New Mexico. DESIGN: Cross-sectional PARTICIPANTS: American Indian adolescents attending school in New Mexico, grades 6 to 12. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Data from the Search Institute Profiles of Student Life Attitudes and Behaviors survey related to suicide attempts and student assets and risk behaviors. Hypothesized predictor variables derived from 39 survey questions were tested against one outcome variable relating to prior suicide attempts. RESULTS: Of 690 American Indian students included in the study, 24.2% indicated having attempted suicide one or more times in their lives. Salient assets included having neighbors who cared about them, adults who made them feel important, and having friends who did well in school. Notable risk factors were feeling depressed, drug and alcohol use, and having been the victim of violence. CONCLUSIONS: Adolescent suicide continues to be a major concern for American Indians. A focus on strengthening parent-child relationships and community support for families may increase resiliency among youth at risk.

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Native H.O.P.E ( Helping Our People Endure)

Native Youth Suicide Prevention Training:

Native H.O.P.E is based on the theory that suicide can be prevented in Indian Country by Native youth being committed to breaking the “code of silence.” The program is premised on the foundation of increasing “strengths” as well as warning-signs-awareness of suicide among Native youth. The program supports the full inclusion of Native cultures, traditions, spirituality, and humor. For more information visit One Sky Center, or contact Dr. Clayton Small.

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